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Esther: God’s Sovereign Instrument

August 17, 2014 Speaker: Danny Katz Series: Guest Speaker Sermons

Topic: Sovereignty Passage: Esther 1:1–10:3

In this sermon podcast on the book of Esther, Pastor Danny Katz challenges every believer to trust in God’s sovereignty and to embrace by faith the call of God’s will on your life.

The book of Esther has been questioned as to whether it should even be in the Bible. It does not mention God, faith, salvation, sin or righteousness. However, this book and this story packs a powerful message concerning God’s sovereignty and the call of God’s will on the life of the believer.

Esther was a Jew living in a powerful kingdom. She becomes the queen to the most powerful king in the world. Was this a random act of fate? Was this just another nice story from the Bible? This story is far from that. The story of Esther is one of God’s sovereign direction in the lives of the Israelites and specifically in the lives of His people.

In this message, Pastor Dan calls us to believe in God’s sovereignty and to answer the call of God’s will on our life.

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