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Two Tests of True Belief

May 18, 2014 Speaker: Brent Small Series: Gospel of John

Passage: John 8:39–8:47

In this sermon podcast on John 8:39-47 Pastor Brent offers 2 “tests” of true belief.

John chapter 8 is a fascinating chapter as Jesus continues his exchange with the crowd in Jerusalem, specifically in this passage those who were “believing” in Him. Jesus has indicated that a true disciple of His is one who is set free.

The Jews immediately take issue with the fact that they are not in bondage and have never been in bondage because they have Abraham as their Father. As a son of Abraham, the Jews, in their minds, were never in “spiritual” bondage to anything. They were God’s chosen and a part of the kingdom.

However, Jesus teaches them otherwise. If they had committed sin, they were slaves of it. The Jews were blind to their need and ultimately blind to the fact that Abraham was not their spiritual father. Now, in verses 39-47, the spiritual paternity of the Jews comes into focus. Who actually was their father?

Jesus challenges them on their spiritual heritage. They could not be sons of Abraham because they did not do the deeds of Abraham. As this exchange plays out, not only does Jesus demonstrate to them who their father really is, He gives both the Jews and us 2 tests of true belief.

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