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The Riches of His Grace

April 7, 2013 Speaker: Brent Small Series: Theological

Passage: Ephesians 1:7–1:7

In this sermon podcast on Ephesians 1:7, Pastor Brent offers us three “powerful elements” of God’s redeeming grace so that we can live out the demand of the Christian life and magnify His grace to the world.

The demands of the Christian life can be overwhelming at times. The call to forgive, to love our enemies, to be patient when wronged and to find joy in all things is a daunting task. However, God has given us a powerful truth in our salvation that enables us to live out all that He requires of us.

The truth that empowers us to fulfill all that God has for us is quite simply grace. By grace we mean the underserved favor that He gives to us in salvation. How does His grace help us?

In this message, Pastor Brent offers three powerful elements of God’s grace in our redemption that when brought into clear focus will empower us in the Christian life and enable us to magnify His grace to the world.

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