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The Need for Godly Men, Pt. 7

November 18, 2012 Speaker: Brent Small Series: Titus

Topic: Leadership Passage: Titus 1:8–1:9

In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent observes six “fruits of the Spirit” that must control a man who seeks to serve as an elder in the local church.

Titus and Paul made a missionary tour through the island of Crete. The churches were under siege by ungodly men who were teaching doctrines contrary to Scripture. These same men not only believed and taught false doctrine, they lived lives that revealed unbelief by their ungodly behavior. Their behavior demonstrated that they were still under the control of the flesh and fleshly appetites. These appetites are that which are natural, earthly and demonic. These men lived lives that were dominated by drunkenness, anger, dishonest gain and rebellion.

Therefore, the churches needed godly men who could teach them sound doctrine and model godly living. Paul’s mission to Titus was clear. Go into the churches and find men who were godly men, men who were godly in that they demonstrated the “fruits of the Spirit.” These men would stand in stark contrast to the men of Crete and the men who had invaded the churches.

What specific fruits did Paul identify? In verses 8-9 of chapter 1, the Apostle Paul taught Titus, and teaches us six specific fruits that must be hanging from the branches of a man’s life. These fruits of the Spirit include hospitality, discipline, uprightness and devoutness.

In this message, Pastor Brent observes these six “fruits of the Spirit” that must control a man who seeks to serve as an elder in the local church. These fruits are to be common among elders and are also fruits that should be common amongst all believers.

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